Meet us

They say events bring people together. Well, we strongly agree and we therefore shall do everything to always be there for all the jewel, art and fashion lovers amongst you!

We believe in the power of intra-human exchange, sharing information, enjoying a beautiful setting and then return home with new friends, new ideas, new adventures and for sure a renewed passion.

An event maintains and tightens the relationship between us. In a world where everybody is virtually connected with one and other, Blu Distribution tries to bring people together in the REAL world of jewellery. We aim at being present, through and with our brands, at the most important fairs for our esteemed customers during the year – Internationally we think of the Vicenza Fair and Baselworld.

Since relationship is about being close, Blu Distribution is also seeking to be present locally, be it like in the past through Fairs or more recently at private events or gatherings we organize.

Blu Distribution takes jewels to the higher level. We make sure you can experience the beauty of jewellery by showing you the best brands with an excellence expertise.

We advise you and make you feel special, in your own way. We make sure you « Dream Brands ».