Our Story

Blu Distribution is the Exclusive Distributor of several high end Jewelry Lines in the Belux. Founded in 2010, as a Spin Off of a Luxury Jewel Boutique in downtown Brussels, it has been our aim to bring to the Belux the most astonishing jewel lines we have discovered in our journeys.

From the Historical City Center of Brussels we share our passion with a selected number of Jewelers within Belgium and Luxemburg, in order to have their esteemed customers discovering the precious « gems » we cherish.

As we believe every woman (and every man) deserves a jewel, our brands cover several ranges of prices from affordable « Luxury Fashion » till « High End Jewelry ». Let us take you on a trip and reveal to you our jewel lines: « Cédille Paris », « Rebecca », « A*Men ». Our Dream Brands are diverse going from Classy French, Italian Design, Lebanese Beauty, and more…

Next to this we are proud to show our home brand of affordable silver jewelry « Blu of Joyce »​, designed and produced since the year 2000.

Last but not least our Luxury and Fashion watches « Maison Montignac » and « Opex Paris »

Whether you are on your way to the gym, an event, a fancy diner or you just want to sparkle all day long, we have the Jewels to make you shine as a star!